Firstwave Holdings
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  1. We put the clients care and concerns before everything else;
  2. We shall keep the client up to date of changing legislation and the impact it may have on the clients business;
  3. We recognise that every business is unique in that every client has its own individual requirements;
  4. We will work with you to understand your business and your business needs;
  5. We shall provide you with a business relationship manager who will be responsible for all your business and individual financial affairs;
  6. We only allow experienced team members to manage your work;
  7. Our organization provides a diverse range of business and tax services whilst always maintaining client confidentiality;
  8. We provide prompt services according to predefined output times;
  9. We will respond to your emails and your telephone calls promptly and we will not keep you waiting unnecessarily
  10. .We offer a choice of fee arrangements and payment plans, best suited to your needs.