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First Wave Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is a progressive accounting and taxation firm established at a time when it became increasingly complex and cumbersome to operate in the South African business environment. The regulations and acts promulgated required that the business owners/directors employ the services of expert advisors in order to keep abreast of all the changes in these regulations and standards.

In South Africa we have an ever expanding and sophisticated revenue service which means the businessman is faced with a growing and complex suite of taxes which impact all aspects of his business and commercial life. At First Wave we believe tax is not an annual event but rather one which requires constant attention and focus in order to minimise ones exposure and meet ones obligations under ever increasing legislation.
" First Wave seeks to provide its clients with a value-added and holistic range of business services, we follow a proactive approach to our clients business and tax affairs thereby ensuring that the business owners are not surprised by an unexpected financial/tax event."

Our services extend to Private Companies (Pty) Ltd, Close Corporations, Trusts, sole proprietors, partnerships and private individuals and encompass the folloowing services:



We are able to adapt our accounting services to fit the individual needs of our clients while ensuring compliance with all relevant standards. This principle underpins our accounting approach, which you can expect to be tailored to suit your needs and those of your business.

Business Advisory

We are able to assist with the full spectrum of business planning assignments and many of the processes that need to be taken into account in any strategic planning. These often include the following services: Forensic Accounting, Valuation Services, Share Option Schemes.


Our payroll division consists of a dedicated team who provide a full and integrated payroll service to a wide range of clients operating large and small payrolls. We provide a guarantee of confidentiality and the assurance of special attention to all aspects of your payroll function.


We provide the full spectrum of tax advice to both corporate and private clients. We possess the expertise and in-house systems to ensure that you and your business are compliant with all current legislation.


We are able to implement tax planning and asset protection through the medium of trusts. We are also able to deal with all the areas of routine accounting and tax compliance, as well as the day-to-day administration.


Legislation governing this area is extremely complex and ever-changing - but the failure to comply risks penalties being imposed. We can prepare all VAT returns accurately and ensure that VAT has been accounted for.